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Correlation between Charpy Transition Temperature and Brittle Crack Arrest Temperature Considering Texture
Tsunehisa HandaTetsuya TagawaFumiyoshi Minami
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2012 Volume 98 Issue 1 Pages 32-38


The correlation between ESSO test results and Charpy impact properties has been empirically proposed to qualify brittle crack arrest toughness, Kca of structural steels. The brittle crack arrest temperature TK6000 at Kca=6000N/mm3/2, conventionally used as a measure of crack arrest property, is interrelated generally with the Charpy transition temperature vTrs. However, ESSO test results occasionally deviates from the TK6000-vTrs correlation in some TMCP steels. Considering a thickness effect in ESSO test results, TK6000 was converted to a reference temperature 25TK6000 for 25mm thickness. Nevertheless, a scatter is found in 25TK6000-vTrs correlation.
This study focuses on the effect of texture intensity on crack arrest properties. It is found that steel plates with texture show lower 25TK6000 than other steels without texture, even if the transition temperatures vTrs of these steels are on the same level. The role of the (211) texture is more significant than the (100) texture. A new parameter, vTrs (°C) -12X(100) -22X(211), is proposed in this study to correlate the crack arrest temperature 25TK6000 with the material properties of structural steels, where X(100) : pole density of (100) parallel to surface of steel plate, X(211): pole density of (211) parallel to surface of steel plate.

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