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Effect of Deformation Condition on Texture Formation in Fe-3Mass%Si Alloy during High-Temperature Uniaxial Compression Deformation
Yusuke OnukiKazuto OkayasuHiroshi Fukutomi
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2012 Volume 98 Issue 5 Pages 177-183


High temperature uniaxial compression tests are conducted in order to clarify the effect of test conditions to the evolution of microstructures and textures. Fiber texture with {001} and {111} (compression plane) is formed as major and minor component, respectively. In contrast to the deformation at room temperature, axis density at ‹001› is higher than that at ‹111›. EBSD observation shows that the mean grain size of ‹001› oriented grain is larger than the grain with the other orientation. This suggests the development of {001} fiber texture in Fe-3%Si can be attributed to the preferential growth of ‹001› oriented grain, being similar to the behavior of Al solid solution reported before. The orientations of the preferentially grown grains in the both alloys can be understood on the basis of the same hypothesis proposed by two of the authors. In many cases, high angle boundaries (15°∼) are serrated. It is suggested that the serration corresponds to the existence of small angle boundary (2°∼15°). EBSD measurements suggest that small angle grain boundaries in ‹111› oriented grain give local driving force to grain boundary migration into ‹111› oriented grain, and the boundaries in ‹001› oriented grain retard the migration. Examination of the texture sharpness at a strain of -1.0 shows that axis density at ‹001› develops with an increase in temperature and a decrease in strain rate. This suggests that homogeneous distribution of dislocations contributes to the development of ‹001› orientation.

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