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Test Use of Cold Bond Pellet in an Experimental Blast Furnace
Hirao GOYoshikazu KUWANOKichiya SUZUKITongshik CHANGMikiyasu MATSUZAKIShigeko NAKAMURAEita TSUZIMitsuru TATE
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1980 Volume 66 Issue 13 Pages 1870-1877


From July to August in 1977, a test on the use of cold bond pellet as burden was carried out with an experimental blast furnace in the Institute of Industrial Science, University of Tokyo.
Following results were obtained :
1) The experimental blast furnace was operated almost successfully when self-fluxed sinter of 4.9 mm mean diameter was replaced completely with cold bond pellet of 9.2 mm mean diameter at the same Fe(ore)/C(coke) ratio.
2) The cold bond pellet retained its original shape and did not show any tendency of swelling and disintegration in the shaft.
3) By the replacement with cold bond pellet, the permeability in the shaft was improved, but in the lower part of the furnace, it became worse on account of the increase of slag viscosity, which was overcome by the use of serpentine as flux.
4) The reducibility of cold bond pellet was good enough, but its softening and melting properties were not satisfactory compared with those of self-fluxed sinter.
5) The sulfer analysis of hot metal increased, because of high sulfer content of cold bond pellet and low slag ratio.

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