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Theoretical Analysis of Electromagnetically Driven Flows in Continuous Casting and Model Experiment
Shigeo ASAINobuyuki NISHIOIwao MUCHI
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1981 Volume 67 Issue 2 Pages 333-342


In order to decrease center segregation together with center porosity, electromagnetic stirring has been applied to continuous casting of billets, blooms and slabs. As well known, however, the violent agitation in the pool is powerful to prevent center segregation, but promotes the formation of white band.
To tackle this problem, the laminar and turbulent electromagnetically driven flows in the pool are theoretically analyzed. Especially focusing on the effect of the electromagnetically driven reverse-turn flows on the structure, the solidification experiments are conducted by use of the Sn-10% Pb alloy.
Theoretical equation of the maximum velocity appearing at every half period for the reverse-turn flow is given as follows:
υmax2(σω/μ)1/4·√χ0/ρ·B (1-e-1/2fθ), θ=κ3√χ0ρ/{σω/μ1/4B}
where, B: magnetic current density, κ2, κ3 : constants, χ0 : half thickness of slab, μ: magnetic permeability, ρ: density, σ: electric conductivity, f: cycle of reverse-turn flow.

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