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Effect of the Existing State of Coke Breeze in Quasi-Particles of Raw Mix on Coke Combustion in the Sintering Process
Yukihiro HIDAMinoru SASAKITsuneo ENOKIDOYoshinori UMEZUTakashi IIDAShigetoshi UNO
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1982 Volume 68 Issue 3 Pages 400-409


The quasi-particles of raw mix for sinter were classified according to the existing state of coke breeze in them into the following four types; S- (single coarse coke particle coated with fines), S'- (naked coke particle), P- (agglomerated particle of fines as a pellet), and C- (composite particle consisting of are nucleus and adhering layer of fines) types.
As a result of analyzing the coke distribution in quasi-particles granulated by the ordinary method, the percentage of S-, P-, and C-type coke was determined to be about 70, 10, and 20% respectively.
The analytical results of combustion test of quasi-particles, sintering pot experiments and sintering tests at the works showed that improvement of the coke combustibility in the sintering bed was essential for reducing the NO formation.
Increasing the percentage of C-type coke by the quick lime addition and changing S-type coke to naked S'-type by the divided coke addition had a good effect on the coke combustibility and decreased the NO emission from the sintering machines.

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