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Model Experiment on the Motion of Fine Particles of Inclusion in Liquid Steel
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1992 Volume 78 Issue 3 Pages 423-430


The lateral migration of solid particles in the vertical pipe flow of water was studied to know the behavior of fine particles of inclusion in the flow of liquid steel. Hollow glass particles, 0.46×103 kg/m3 in density and 55135 μm in diameter, were injected in a vertical pipe flow of water or aqueous glycerol solution, and the collection efficiency of particles on the wall, η, was measured at the exit of the pipe. Most experiments were carried out for the case of upward flow, and effects of various factors on η were investigated in the following experimental conditions:z=0.251 m, vf=0.010.5 m/s, dP=55135 μm, μ=10-33.7×10-3 Pa·s, D=0.02, 0.033 m, where z is pipe length, vf mean velocity of liquid, dP particle diameter, μ viscosity of liquid, D diameter of pipe.
Rubinow and Keller's equation on migration velocity of a rotating sphere in a uniform shear flow was modified by multiplying a correction factor, β and then values of η were calculated by the trajectory model. Comparing the calculated and observed values of η, the values of β were determined and correlated with the particle Reynolds number and the tube Reynolds number. By using this correlation, values of η of alumina particles in liquid steel were estimated for various conditions.

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