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Proposal of an effective approach for an optimization problem with many variables under strictly limiting the number of function call
Takuya KaihatsuShinya Watanabe
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2019 Volume 9 Issue 3 Pages 93-102


In the real world, it has been strongly desired to develop an algorithm for solving an optimization problem with many variables under strictly limiting the number of function calls. Because of this kind of reason, evolutionary computation competition 2017 in evolutionary computation symposium hosted by the JSEC was designed for enhancing the development of practical optimization algorithms. The main features of this competition are that the benchmark problem is "Benchmark Problem Based on Real-World Car Structure Design Optimization(Mazda Benchmark Problem)" created from the actual real problem in the car company and the computational condition for optimizing this problem is so strict. In this competition, the number of function calls is limited to only 30,000 even though the number of variables of this problem is over 200 and the landscape of this problem is multi-modal. This paper presents the winning algorithm of this competition in the single-objective category and tries to reveal the reasons why this algorithm could work so effectively in competition problem. This algorithm is based on estimating a high potential search area by iterating solution sampling like Estimation of Distribution Algorithm (EDA) and has a mechanism for improving the algorithm's efficiency. The most important points of this algorithm are very simple and with no unnecessary mechanisms. Through applying this algorithm to not only the competition benchmark problem but also some typical test problems, the effectiveness of this algorithm was confirmed and the characteristics of this algorithm were analyzed.

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