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Conductivity Modulation by CaVO3-based All-solid-state Redox Transistor with Ion Transport of Li+ or H+
Makoto TakayanagiTakashi TsuchiyaWataru NamikiYuki KitagawaDaiki EtohDaiki NishiokaTsunetomo YamadaTohru HiguchiKazuya Terabe
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2019 Volume 44 Issue 2 Pages 57-60


CaVO3 (CVO)-based all-solid-state redox transistor with a Yttria-stabilized-ZrO2 (YSZ) H+ ion conductor was fabricated. The electronic conductivity of the CVO was modulated by controlling oxygen nonstoichiometry due to H+ insertion and desertion (redox reaction). The variation in drain current was larger than that of SrVO3 (SVO)-based all-solid-state redox transistor. For comparison, the CVO-based device with a Li2O-ZrO2-SiO2 (LZSO) Li+ conductor was also investigated. The LZSO device also showed larger drain current enhancement than the SVO device. Controlling oxygen nonstoichiometry due to the redox reaction (H+ or Li+ insertion and desertion) is found to be effective for modulating electronic conductivity of CVO.

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