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Cluster Size Effect of X-Ray Fluorescence Hologram Simulation Using Sr0.95La0.05TiO3
Yoshihiro EbisuTomohiro MatsushitaNaohisa HappoTōru Ozaki
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2019 Volume 44 Issue 2 Pages 75-78


We simulated La Lγ1 X-ray fluorescence holography (La Lγ1 XFH) on a spherical cluster model of Sr0.95La0.05TiO3. As the radius of the model rc increased from 10 Å to 200 Å, the simulated hologram pattern became finer and sharper. The X-ray standing wave lines in the simulated hologram of the model with rc = 200 Å reproduced those in the experimentally obtained hologram well. Because the X-ray fluorescence hologram is defined as a function on a spherical surface, we estimate the fineness of the pattern by calculating the power spectrum with the spherical harmonics transform. The power spectrum of the holographic oscillations of the experimentally obtained hologram shows no cutoff below the Nyquist frequency. The power spectra of the models with 60 Å ≤ rc ≤ 200 Å do not show cutoffs either. These indicate that the radius of the cluster model rc should be set at least 200 Å to reproduce the experimentally obtained hologram of Sr0.95La0.05TiO3.

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