Online ISSN : 1881-6886
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Quantum Turbulence in Trapped Bose-Einstein Condensates
M. Tsubota
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2009 Volume 2 Issue 1 Pages 003


Quantum turbulence is recently one of the most important topics in low temperature physics. Physics of quantum turbulence and quantized vortices have been studied chiefly in superfluid helium. The realization of atomic Bose-Einstein condensation has allowed us to study quantized vortives in the fascinating systems too. Generally there are two kinds of cooperative phenomena comprised of quantized vortices, from the research history of superfluid helium. Lots of studies in atomic Bose-Einstein condensates (BECs) are devoted mainly to the issues of vortex lattices under rotation. However, another important state on quantized vortices, namely quantum turbulence, has been never studied in atomic BECs. In this work, we address for the first time quantum turbulence in atomic BECs theoretically and numerically. After reviewing shortly the recent developments on quantum turbulecne, we propose how to make quantum turbulence in a trapped BEC by combining rotation around two axes, and confirm the Kolmogorov spectra by the Gross-Pitaevskii model.

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