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Differences in the Understanding of Environmentally Conscious Behavior between Companies and Consumers
Chisato Kajihara Yuri HarasakiMasakuni TsunezawaKohei SugiyamaKazuyuki TasakaAyako NoguchiTakeshi Fukushima
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2023 Volume 9 Issue 2 Pages 98-108


Many companies, including food manufacturers, are developing and manufacturing environment-friendly containers and packaging in response to increasingly serious environmental problems and to achieve sustainable development goals. For consumers to adopt environmentally conscious behavior when purchasing, using, and disposing of containers and packaging, they need to correctly understand the environmentally conscious efforts of companies and product information. They must also dispose of and recycle products according to the rules of the municipality in which they reside.

Companies and consumers may differ in their environment-friendly efforts in terms of their ideal state and current conditions, and their understanding of environmentally conscious behavior may also differ. This study defines these differences as gaps and aims to identify them by surveying consumers on their environmental awareness and behavior. First, five hypotheses for these gaps were formulated based on interviews with consumers and companies, and a survey was designed to test them. Second, survey data were analyzed to test these hypotheses. For example, the surveys revealed that consumers perceived measures that are easy to understand as being environment-friendly, such as switching from plastic to paper, to be effective.

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