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Animation Tourism in Takayama City, Gifu Prefecture
A Questionnaire Case Study of the Travel Behavior of Tourists on an “Anime Pilgrimage”
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2016 Volume 11 Pages 44-58


This research analyzes the characteristics and movements of tourists visiting Takayama City, located in Gifu Prefecture, and compares them with tourists who were on an “Anime Pilgrimage” based on the anime adaptation of “Hyo-ka”, which aired in 2012. A questionnaire

survey was conducted at five investigation spots in Takayama City in June 2014; 1,958 tourists, comprising 623 groups, responded to the survey.

The results indicated that many tourists from the Nagoya metropolitan area visited Takayama City on day trips, whereas tourists from the Kanto and Kinki areas lodged there overnight. Of the 623 groups, 48 (7.7%) groups visited Takayama City after watching “Hyo-ka”.

The ages of the tourists that responded varied widely; however, the tourists after watching “Hyo-ka” were mainly in their 20s and often formed all-male groups. This research also found that the movements of all the non-pilgrimage tourists were often limited to the area between the San-machi district, containing historical streets, and Takayama Station. However, the tourists after watching “Hyo-ka” widely toured Takayama City and sought out the “sacred places,” sites, and facilities depicted in the show.

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