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Venus (Journal of the Malacological Society of Japan)
Vol. 74 (2016) No. 3-4 p. 51-59



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Two new species in the cyclophorid subfamily Alycaeinae, Awalycaeus yanoshokoae Yano & Matsuda n. sp. and A. shiosakimasahiroi Yano, Matsuda & Nishi n. sp. are described from limestone areas in Hidaka-mura, Takaoka-gun, Kochi Prefecture and in Gyokuto-machi, Tamana-gun, Kumamoto Prefecture, respectively. Awalycaeus yanoshokoae n. sp. was firstly reported from fissure deposits in a limestone cave as an undescribed fossil species, but living individuals have since been found near the cave. It can be distinguished from other Awalycaeus species by its large shell, with sparser axial ribs from the earlier whorls to end of the sutural tube, and by its parietal lip being detached from the body whorl. Awalycaeus shiosakimasahiroi n. sp. was previously recorded as "A. akiratadai", but it can be distinguished from the latter by having a non-reflexed outer lip margin, many axial ribs along the sutural tube, and a less expanded spire from the beginning of the sutural tube to the aperture.

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