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Part 5
Synthesis and Determination of Crystal and Molecular Structure of {Bispyridine-bis[4-methoxyphenyl(3-methylbutyl)dithiophosphinato]}nickel(II)
Ertugrul Gazi SAGLAMÖmer ÇELIKSemra IDEHamza YILMAZ
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2011 Volume 27 Pages 23-24


The addition of trans-bis[4-methoxyphenyl(3-methylbutyl)dithiophosphinato]nickel(II) with pyridine (py) gave the {bispyridine-bis[4-methoxyphenyl(3-methylbutyl)dithiophosphinato]}nickel(II) [Ni(Py)2(L)2] complex. The structure of the complex has been characterized by X-ray diffraction. Ni(II)dithiophosphinato complex was reported1 to be of squareplanar geometry while the latter compound was of a octahedral coordination geometry. It crystallizes in monoclinic system, space group P21/n, with lattice parameters a = 12.4968(12)Å, b = 9.7051(10)Å, c = 16.0975(17)Å, (β = 101.734(8)°, Z = 2, (μ = 0.84 mm-1, S = 1.003, R = 0.0437 and wR = 0.1017 for 3562 observed reflections. The structure was solved by direct methods using the SHELX-97 program and refined on F2.

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