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AUDIOLOGY JAPAN Vol. 60(2017) No. 2

Review articles

Progress in hearing-aid technologies and audiology
History of and changes in hearing aids. Introduction of the latest hearing aids.

Yukihiko Kanda

Released: September 07, 2017


A special issue for the main subjects The 61st congress of Japan Audiological Society

“ Barriers to higher education and employment for cochlear implant recipients ”

Original articles

Takuo Suginaka, Yusuke Saito, Atsushi Kawano, Kyoko Shirai, Ayako Tomizawa, Naoko Nonami, Kiyoaki Tsukahara

Released: September 07, 2017


Yusuke Saito, Kyouko Shirai, Ayako Tomizawa, Naoko Nonami, Atushi Kawano, Takuo Suginaka, Kiyoaki Tsukada

Released: September 07, 2017


Kiyoko Sato, Tomoko Sugiuchi, Osamu Shiromoto, Hiroyuki Zusho, Yuichirou Sugio, Kozo Kumakawa

Released: September 07, 2017


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