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Biophysics and Physicobiology (BPPB) is the official on-line journal of the Biophysical Society of Japan (BSJ) with the License of BY-NC-SA 4.0. Biophysics has long been developed in a field of physics using physical methods and theories to study the structures and functions of biological systems. The BSJ had originally published a journal, "Biophysics", since 2005, but changed its name in 2015 adding a word "Physicobiology". It is a new word, proposing that the scope of the journal could be widen to broader range of biologists and could further stimulate the exchange of ideas among the biophysicists. The details about the Journal and the Editorial board members are shown in the BPPB web page provided by the BSJ.

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Volume 18 (2021) Issue Supplemental Pages S001-S002
Editorial: English translation of “The Oosawa Lectures on DIY Statistical Mechanics” Read more
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Dr. Fumio Oosawa (10th Dec 1922 – 4th March 2019), a pioneer of single-molecule studies, made a series of lectures on statistical mechanics at a summer school run by the Society of Young Scientists in Biophysics in July, 1996. Based on the lectures, the original Japanese textbook was published in 2011. Since then, the English version has been expected to be published. The Biophysical Society of Japan now publishes the English version in a Special Issue of the Biophysics and Physicobiology (Vol. 18), which is an open access journal, by the Editorial Team for this Special Issue. In December 2021, the Preface and first Chapter 1 were published. Chapter 2 and later will be published soon one after another.

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  • Biophysics and Physicobiology has been selected for coverage in ESCI and given the JIF.
    As of 28th September, 2018, Biophysics and Physicobiology(BPPB), the international journal of the Biophysical Society of Japan, was selected for one of the Journals to be indexed in Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI). ESCI is a new index in the Web of Science for journals of regional importance and of newly emerging fields. The journals in ESCI are collected in Web of Science and have an imporved visibility from the world. ESCI paves the way for the journals. In June 2023, the Journal Impact Factor (JIF) was given to BPPB. For the detail of ESCI and JIF, visit the website of Clarivate Analytics.