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About "Electrochemistry"

Electrochemistry (Denki Kagaku oyobi Kogyobutsurikagaku) was divided into an on-line journal, Electrochemisty and a magazine Denki Kagaku from 2018.  Electrochemistry is devoted to the publication of Research papers (Articles, Technological Reports, Notes, Communications, Comprehensive Papers, and Reviews) written in English and Japanese in the field of electrochemistry and applied physical chemistry.  Denki Kagaku is a separate magazine to the members of The Electrochemical Society of Japan (ECSJ).

Published by The Electrochemical Society of Japan   

Our Editorial team
  • Kiyoshi KANAMURA

    Tokyo Metropolitan University

Subject Area
  • Chemistry
  • Biology, Life Sciences and Basic Medicine
  • Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Nanosciences and Materials Sciences
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering
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  • TitleElectrochemistry
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