Aeromedical Laboratory Reports
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Volume 59 , Issue 2
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  • Selective Determination for 16 Carbonyl Compounds Using Phenyl Hexyl Column
    Atsushi TORIHATA, Shinpei YOSHIDA, Chisato TAKAZAWA, Yasutami OTSUKA
    2019 Volume 59 Issue 2 Pages 13-22
    Published: 2019
    Released: September 10, 2019
    Japan Air Self Defense Force ground crew who work in air bases are exposed to aircraft exhaust containing various carbonyl compounds. Because of relatively short duration of the exhaust blast, the amount of samples for environment evaluation is limited, accordingly. We developed a liquid chromatography/ tandem mass spectrometry (LC/MS/MS) method of carbonyl-dinitrophenylhydrazone derivatives (DNPH) for simultaneous determination and quantification of 16 carbonyl compounds. Using Phenyl- Hexyl Column as reverse phase separation and Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Ionization (-) as ionization source, all the 16 constituents were determined with minimum detection limit 500 pg/mL within 16 min. This newly developed method was proved to be able to analyze a smaller amount of sample with shorter time.
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