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Special Section on Recent Advances in Simulation in Science and Engineering
  • Minato Onishi, Daisuke Ishihara
    2021 Volume 8 Issue 2 Pages 163-172
    Published: 2021
    Released: July 07, 2021

    In insect flapping wings, the camber deformation is caused by the aerodynamic forces. Since the camber will improve the aerodynamic performance of Flapping Wing Nano Air Vehicles (FWNAVs), it is important to elucidate the passive mechanism of the cambering. The pixel wing model consisting of a structured mesh using shell elements that can simulate the camber deformation caused by the fluid–structure interaction has been proposed for the purpose of computational efficiency. In this study, the performance of the pixel wing model is evaluated as the pixel model resolution is changed. The minimum pixel model resolution is determined such that it can keep enough magnitude of camber compared to actual insects. Furthermore, it is found that the cambering of the pixel wing model can be effectively changed using the wing's chord-wise flexural stiffness given by the root vein pixels and the thickness of the wing membrane pixels.

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