Journal of Computer Chemistry, Japan -International Edition
[Aims and Scope]
The Journal of Computer Chemistry, Japan – International Edition (JCCJIE) is an international peer-reviewed Open Access journal that publishes significant and novel contributions in computer chemistry. The journal aims to encourage new developments in computer chemistry by providing a forum for cross-fertilization between applications, methodologies, disciplines, and academic and industrial research.
JCCJIE provides cohesive coverage of theory and methodology, including topics such as quantum chemistry and statistical thermodynamics, quantum-chemical calculation applications, molecular dynamics, Monte Carlo methods, chemoinformatics, and visual computing. To encourage interdisciplinarity, JCCJIE welcomes relevant articles in chemical engineering and materials science and those that explore the intersections of these areas. The journal also welcomes articles that contribute to educational aspects of computer chemistry.
JCCJIE publishes General Papers, Notes, Technical Reports and Reviews Accounts, as well as insightful Commentaries, Highlights, and Software News and Reviews.
All manuscripts submitted to JCCJIE are appraised initially by the Editor and, if found to be suitable for further consideration, undergo single-blind peer review by expert referees. Accepted articles are published continuously online.
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