Japan Social Innovation Journal
Announcement of JSIJ closure (As of March 31, 2020)

We would like to announce that the Japan Social Innovation Journal will cease operations effective end of March 2020 and will stop accepting new manuscript submissions as of February, 2020. 

The publishers of JSIJ, the Institute for Policy Analysis and Social Innovation and the Graduate School of Disaster Resilience and Governance of the University of Hyogo would like to thank all the Editors, the board members and advisers for all their efforts and dedication over the past nine years. Unfortunately, dwindling funds for operations as well as the lack of manuscript submissions in the last couple of years have led to the journal closure decision. 

All papers that have been published will be permanently accessible under the terms of open access, via the J-STAGE platform. 

We thank you for your interest and we wish you well in your research.

The Japan Social Innovation Journal (JSIJ) Objectives

The Japan Social Innovation Journal (JSIJ) is Japan’s first peer-reviewed journal on Social Innovation published online in English. It was launched in April 2011 by the Institute for Policy Analysis and Social Innovation (IPS), University of Hyogo. 
The JSIJ stimulates and encourages research that cover in-depth analysis of problems and solutions with socio-economic impacts in urban and rural development, business, industry and finance, government, organizations and civil society and that positively contributes to the enhancement resource mobilization towards sustainable development. 
JSIJ aims to develop and enhance the knowledge base of the international community working in various fields related to social innovation and development. It disseminates the innovative ideas and practices of individuals in the academe, government, business and the not-for-profit sector in the hope of contributing to the improvement of current practices as well as developing and applying emerging practices related to the implementation of socially innovative activities.

JSIJ Scope
The coverage of the journal includes, but is not limited to:
• Social enterprises and organizations – best practices of social responsibility, transparency, accountability in local governments, businesses and organizations; philanthropy, online giving marketplaces 
• Development policy and planning – impact and analysis of business and industrial policies, urban policies, revitalization of communities, demographic issues such as aging, labor migration 
• Drivers of social innovation and sustainable development – institutions affecting wealth creation and distribution, education, governance, politics, laws, finance, entrepreneurship, etc.
• Human capital development, resource mobilization – role of education, research and scholarship in social service development 
• Social collaborative networks — creativity and learning in communities, knowledge management, culture and computing, disaster management, information sharing networks in culturally diverse societies

JSIJ Key Audience
• Academics in the fields of economics, business administration, industrial organization, sociology, cultural anthropology, urban planning, law, linguistics, etc. 
• Social entrepreneurs, managers and practitioners especially from mutuals, cooperatives, not-for-profit sector, non-government organizations, voluntary groups and other similar forms of organizations with a social purpose 
• Policy makers in the national, regional, city and community levels of government

JSIJ Free Open Access
The JSIJ is the first open-access electronic journal specializing in the multidisciplinary field of social innovation. All articles published by the JSIJ are made freely accessible online immediately upon publication, without any need for subscription or registration fees. The JSIJ does not levy any processing fees for articles submitted and/or accepted for publication.
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