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  • Toshinori MARUOKA, Hideki MIYANO, Shingo KAMOJI
    2022 Volume 37 Issue 3 Pages 146-153
    Published: August 01, 2022
    Released on J-STAGE: August 19, 2022

      Electric wheelchairs have contributed to expand a mobility range and a mobility without depending others of people with severe disabilities. However, some cases are reported that by using electric wheelchair, services are limited in public space. The purpose of this paper is to analyze a negative attitude toward electric wheelchair users by actual condition survey for quadriplegics and to clarify an actual situation of acceptance of electric wheelchair in public space. From this survey, it is appeared that the present situation is electric wheelchair users tend to be refused at restaurants or to be assumed a negative attitude by public transports service stuff rather than no electric wheelchair users. It is difficult to say that electric wheel chair is substantially accepted in public space. For promoting acceptance of electric wheelchair, it is important to improve electric wheelchairs and at the same time to reduce a psychological distance between no electric wheelchair users and electric wheelchair by getting used to electric wheelchair.

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