COUNTER Report Service Terms and Conditions

Each institution (hereinafter referred to as a "User Institution", including where more than one institution forms a consortium), which uses various kinds of literature through J-STAGE (J-STAGE is collectively referred to as the "Site"), operated by Japan Science and Technology Agency (hereinafter referred to as "JST"), hereby agree to the following conditions upon registering to use the distribution service (hereinafter referred to as the "COUNTER Report Service") of statistical information by the COUNTER method concerning the state of usage of such various kinds of literature by users at the User Institution.

  • The User Institution shall manage in a strict manner its user ID and password for signing-in for the COUNTER Report Service which JST will forward to the User Institution by post or transmission to the User Institution's contact email address or by any other method.

  • In a case where any change has been made to the User Institution's information that was provided to JST upon the registration, the User Institution shall notify JST thereof immediately.

  • After confirming the range of the IP addresses used for the external network connection of the User Institution itself as an object of the statistics in the COUNTER Report Service, the User Institution shall input this in the User Institution information registration screen as its IP settings information. In a case where such IP address is changed, the User Institution shall notify JST thereof without delay. In a case where there is an error or fault in any registered IP address or there is any delay in reporting such error or fault, JST shall not be liable and the User Institution shall compensate JST for its damage (if any) incurred by JST arising from such error, fault or delay.

  • The User Institution shall agree that not all of the literature available on the Site is eligible for the COUNTER Report Service. The User Institution shall agree that its state of usage on each literature counted by the COUNTER method will be given to all of the publishers of such literature that participate in the COUNTER Report Service. Personal information of the contact person (name, email address, telephone number and fax number) which was provided to JST from the User Institution upon the registration will be given to the publishers of the relevant literature designated by the User Institution as the object of the COUNTER Report Service. The User Institution shall ensure that it will obtain the prior consent of the contact person as to the provision of such individual information to third parties, and shall agree that such individual information shall be handled by JST within the scope permitted in the performance of the COUNTER Report Service, laws and regulations on the assumption that such prior consent has been obtained.

  • JST shall make efforts to ensure accurate statistical information is provided under the COUNTER Report Service, but shall not guarantee its complete accuracy. In addition, where suspension or cessation of the COUNTER Report Service is made at the discretion of JST, JST shall not be liable for any damage, loss, etc. incurred by the User Institution as a result of that.

  • If JST intends to make any revisions to this terms and conditions, JST shall notify the registered contact persons of the User Institutions thereof via e-mail. The revisions shall take effect one month after JST sends the e-mail.

This terms and conditions shall be governed by the laws of Japan.

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