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April 6, 2022J-STAGE passed a COUNTER R5 audit.
December 20, 2021 We will quit providing R4 report at the end of March 2022.
March 10, 2021J-STAGE passed a COUNTER R5 audit.
February 25, 2020J-STAGE passed a COUNTER R5 audit.
April 20, 2019J-STAGE released COUNTER R5 the official version.
February 13, 2019J-STAGE passed a COUNTER R5 audit.
November 5, 2018J-STAGE released COUNTER R5 the trial version.

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COUNTER (Counting Online Usage of NeTworked Electronic Resources) is an international non-profit organization launched in 2002 to improve the reliability of online usage statistics for electronic publications. COUNTER’s Code of Practice enables publishers and vendors to report usage statistics in a consistent, credible and comparable way.

J-STAGE was the first Japanese platform to be compliant with COUNTER, at the end of 2006. J-STAGE implemented COUNTER Release 5 (hereafter "R5") on April 20, 2019.

About COUNTER Reports

COUNTER reports enable universities and other institutions to analyze their usage of content, track changes in usage over time, and compare usage of different titles.

J-STAGE provides COUNTER reports for selected titles. Please refer to the Titles Participating in J-STAGE COUNTER Report Service (PDF) for a complete list of participating titles. Reports are provided only to users from registered institutions. Usage is tracked from each institution’s IP address, which is requested at the time of registration.

sample report image
Sample COUNTER report. Reports can be downloaded in TSV and JSON format.

J-STAGE provides the following R5-compliant reports:

Platform Reports
  • Platform Master Report (PR)

    A user-customizable report of overall usage of J-STAGE.
  • Platform Usage (PR_P1)

    Overall usage of J-STAGE by metric type.
Title Reports
  • Title Master Report (TR)

    A user-customizable report of usage of each title.
  • Journal Requests (Excluding OA_Gold) (TR_J1)

    Usage by specific metric type (total item requests, unique item requests), excluding Gold Open Access contents.
  • Journal Access Denied (TR_J2)

    Unsuccessful (access denied) requests by title.
  • Journal Usage by Access Type (TR_J3)

    Usage of full-text articles by access type.
  • Journal Requests by Year of Publication (Excluding OA_Gold) (TR_J4)

    Usage by year of publication, excluding Gold Open Access content.
How to use

To access COUNTER reports on J-STAGE, you need an account with the J-STAGE COUNTER Report Service. To register for an account, visit the J-STAGE COUNTER Report Service page, click on ‘Register’, and fill out the form. Please note that accounts are restricted to people with responsibility for journal subscriptions at universities and other institutions. Individual users of J-STAGE are not eligible for an account.

Usage is recorded from the date of registration, and the first monthly COUNTER report will be available at the end of the following month. Registered users are notified by email when the current month’s report is available for download.

Usage is based on IP address. If your institution’s IP address changes, please update your information by signing in to your account on the J-STAGE COUNTER Report Service page. Usage from the new IP address will be recorded from the time of the update.


COUNTER Report Service Terms and Conditions

Titles Participating in J-STAGE COUNTER Report Service (PDF)

User Manual for J-STAGE COUNTER Report Service (PDF, in Japanese)

Report (R5), SUSHI Document (PDF, in Japanese)


Frequently asked questions about COUNTER are listed in this FAQ page. If you need help, please refer to this page first.