Advanced search Helps

You can search J-STAGE full text contents using various search terms together with publication year range.

Check-box menu

Use check-box to select content from journals, proceedings, research report/technical report, books and documents, others. for search refinement by publication type. You can also refine your search by article attributes and peer review.


Select the language for the target of your search. The language options are English, Japanese.

Publication year box

Use Gregorian year for the publication year range. Enter the lower limit year and higher limit year. You can also specify only one of them. This is for limiting purpose only. You have to enter other search terms at the same time.

Subject Areas

Select Subject Areas to search articles only in the selected subject areas. Selecting none means searching all subject areas.


Select Licence to search articles only in the selected license. Selecting none means searching all license.

Number of records to be displayed

Specify the number of results to be displayed in one page.

How to Search

(1) Select a search field using the pull-down menu
(2) Entersearch term(s)
(3) Press "Search"
(4) Specify publication year range if necessary.


How to Enter Search Terms

  • Search terms are not case-sensitive.
  • Symbols( + - &  | ! ( ) { } [ ] ^ ~ ? : \ ; . , @ = / # $ % ' _ < > ` )will be converted into spaces. Symbols between words will also be converted into spaces. In this case the search word will be divided into multiple words.
  • Consecutive spaces are regarded as a single space.
  • The system matches exact word as entered in the search term boxes. For example, search terms as "Materials are selected in this environment" will match "Materials" but not "Mate".
  • You may use an asterisk at the end of a search term, as a wild card. Thus "material*" will search for words beginning with "material".
  • You can specify a match with a phrase by concatenating your search terms by double quotation marks. Thus "information technology" will retrieve a content containing the phrase "information technology".


You may search for Greek characters in the spelled-out form. For example, when you enter "alpha", you will get a content containing " greek alpha ". This may not be the case for phrase searching. Words with superscripts and subscripts can be searched by putting space(s) in between. H2O should be entered as "H 2 O" (H 2O). Note that in this case it will be searched the same was as in the case of H or 2 or O. Use double quotation marks to avoid irrelevant hits.

Order in which results are displayed

The search results will be ranked by the combination of the words in the dictionary with weight, and the frequency of appearance, and will be displayed in the order of high marks.

Author Name Field

The format of author names are not normalized. They are expressed as they are in the original data. If you enter "John Smith" as a phrase, it will not retrieve Smith John in the original data. John Smith without double quotation marks, may retrieve articles co-authored by John Carter and George Smith.