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Special Report
内田 俊也
研究報告書・技術報告書 オープンアクセス

2020 年 7 巻 2 号 p. 50-54


I was dispatched to visit Hanoi, Vietnam in October, 2019 to seek new recruits to our newly established Japanese Language School affiliated with Teikyo Heisei University. Hanoi that holds a mixture of both developing and developed aspects was an ever-growing city than expected.  The candidates who received written and interview tests showed favorable outcomes and seemed competent in continuing studies in Japan. After graduation from the university they can sustainably contribute to the fundamentals in Japanese society and culture. Vietnamese people are truly polite and tender and showed us warm hospitality. I hope more and more Vietnamese students come to our Japanese Language School and matriculate in Teikyo University group thereafter. Vietnam has obtained a marvelous reputation in confining the new coronavirus infection because affected patients only show as low as 340 and no death has not been reported so far. The exceedingly early action of inhibiting entry from foreign countries and of confinement of the city until safe both resulted in a great success as an ant-corona strategy. Vietnam can teach us many things to mimic and can become a reliable partner to pursue SDGs together for many years to come.

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