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A New, Highly Sensitive Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer Consisting of a Flangeon-type Conical Ion Lens System and a Proto-type Daly Detector for Exhaust Gas Analysis Based on the Jet-REMPI Technique
Tetsuya SUZUKIShun-ichi HAYASHIShun-ichi ISHIUCHIMorihisa SAEKIMasaaki FUJII
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Volume 21 (2005) Issue 8 Pages 991-996

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For the analysis of trace amounts of hazardous organic compounds, we developed a new ion detection system for supersonic jet resonance-enhanced multiphoton laser ionization mass spectrometry. High sensitivity and selectivity have been achieved by combining a proto-type Daly detector, a newly designed conical ion lens, and a potential switch that can perform the function of a mass selector. This ion detection system enables us to bring the jet nozzle closer to the ionization point. The detection sensitivity has thus been improved totally by more than 100 times compared with that obtained by the parallel-plate electrodes and micro-channel plate. We succeeded in assembling a flangeon-type ion extraction electrode consisting of a conical ion lens and a potential switch.

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