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Fast Determination of the Ripeness Stage of Strawberries Using Infrared Spectroscopy Combined with Principal Component Analysis
Chul Won KWAKDong-Ho CHOUNGSung Ran MINSuk Weon KIMJang R. LIUHoeil CHUNG
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2007 Volume 23 Issue 7 Pages 895-899


The utility of infrared (IR) spectroscopy for the determination of strawberry ripeness has been successfully demonstrated. Transmission IR spectra were collected using dried liquid extracts from strawberry flesh. The overall IR feature provided fairly noticeable differences, and the ripeness stage was clearly identified using principal component analysis (PCA). Although all of the extracted components contributed to the resulting spectral features for discrimination, the variation of carbohydrate and amide residues played a major role for providing the selective spectral feature. Additionally, NMR spectra were also collected to quantify the concentrations of three small sugars (α-glucose, β-glucose and sucrose) as well as to evaluate the NMR spectral features at each ripeness step. The concentrations of three sugars increased from early to late growth stages. Both IR and NMR spectroscopies were valuable to elucidate the metabolic signatures for the determining of ripeness stage; however, IR spectroscopy could be more advantageous when fast and high throughput analysis is essential.

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