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Sensitive Chemiluminescent Determination of a Wide Variety of Nucleosides and Their Derivatives by Flow Injection Method
Mikita ISHIIYoichi OHNOToshiyuki HOBO
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1991 Volume 7 Issue 6 Pages 873-877


Chemiluminescence (CL) observed in a reaction between OH radicals and nucleosides or their derivatives is applied to their sensitive determinations by a flow injection method. The OH radicals are produced by the reaction with hydrogen peroxide and cobalt(II)-1, 10-phenanthroline complex in alkaline solution. The proposed flow system is comprised of three flow lines for cobalt(II), 1, 10-phenanthroline and hydrogen peroxide. The proposed CL is specific to nucleosides and their related compounds. Their detection limits ranged from 68pmol (uridine-5′-diphosphoglucose; UDP-Glu) to 89 pmol (guanosine) in a 10μl injection volume. The relative standard deviation is 1.2% in 5 repeated runs for UDP-Glu of 178pmol in a 10μl injection volume. Analytical time required is ca. 2s.

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