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Case Report
Patient with dental metal allergy treated with zirconia ceramic restorations
Shoko Miura Takafumi FujitaYasuko KohashiMasanori Fujisawa
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2023 年 23 巻 2 号 p. 24-27


This report describes the case of a 52-year-old woman with oral lichen planus due to a dental metal allergy, who was treated successfully by removing metal restorations and replacing them with a zirconia centered non-metal based fixed partial denture (FPD). Following basic periodontal treatment, all intraoral metal restorations were removed, and provisional restorations were placed. After approximately 3 months of follow-up, allergic symptoms had resolved, and the patient received the definitive prosthetic treatment. A monolithic zirconia FPD was selected for the molars, and a porcelain layered zirconia FPD was selected for the anterior dentition. The patient wished to improve the form of the contralateral maxillary anterior tooth, for which a laminate veneer restoration was planned. For the placement of the zirconia FPDs, alumina blasting was applied to the inner surface of the FPDs, and the placement operation was performed according to the instruction manual for the adhesive resin luting agent used. After completion of prosthetic treatment, maintenance was performed every 4 months, and 4 years and 4 months have passed. The periodontium was in good condition, and there was no evidence of secondary caries, debonding, fracture of the FPDs, or abnormal jaw function. Allergic symptoms are in remission, and the FPDs are in good condition based on patient satisfaction.

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