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Occurrence characteristics of the shale oil reservoir in Jiyang Depression, Bohai Bay Basin
Xinxia Cao
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2022 Volume 2 Issue 1 Pages 31-40


As an important unconventional resource, shale oil has attracted more and more attention and has become a hot spot for oil and gas exploration and development. Jiyang Depression of Bohai Bay Basin, located in Eastern China, is a shale oil development area worthy of great attention and is regarded as the focus of continental shale oil geophysical research and exploration and development practice. This paper summarizes the research results on the occurrence characteristics of shale oil reservoirs in Jiyang Depression in recent years. The main results are as follows: (1) on organic matter, the effective source rocks in Jiyang Depression are developed in salt-brackish water environment, and the third member of Shahejie Formation, the first member of Shahejie Formation, and the fourth member of Shahejie Formation are the main source rocks; (2) on lithofacies, organic-rich laminated lithofacies are the most favorable lithofacies for shale oil distribution in Jiyang Depression; (3) on pores, the micropores in Jiyang Depression are affected by mineral composition; (4) on the fractures, the existence of fractures in Jiyang Depression is mainly due to the high mineral content of carbonate rocks; and (5) on mineral composition, Jiyang Depression is generally rich in carbonate minerals and low detritus. The occurrence characteristics of reservoirs in Jiyang Depression are beneficial to the generation and preservation of shale oil.

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