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Water Resources and Ecology
Research progress on the evolution characteristics of wetlands in the Yellow River Delta
Mei LuYing Jiang
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2022 Volume 2 Issue 3 Pages 87-98


Wetland is one of the most important environmental resources for human beings. With economic development, the evolution of wetlands has become a global phenomenon, and wetland research is a research hotspot in the frontier field of international wetland science. People conduct in-depth research on the structure, function, process, dynamics, and other aspects of wetlands from different angles to explore effective ways to coordinate wetland development and protection. The Yellow River Delta wetland is the most complete, typical, and youngest coastal estuarine wetland in China, and it is also the latest delta wetland in the world. The study of wetlands in the Yellow River Delta is of great significance. This paper summarizes the research progress of wetlands in the Yellow River Delta in recent years from (1) natural wetland characteristics, (2) constructed wetland characteristics, (3) hydrological characteristics, (4) soil characteristics, (5) vegetation characteristics, and (6) animal characteristics. On this basis, the key research direction in the future is put forward. The purpose of this paper is to provide a reference for the protection and effective utilization of wetlands in the Yellow River Delta.

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