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Present situation and development trend of water drive development technology in the oil field: Take China as an example
Chunxiang CaoMingjie Lin
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2022 Volume 2 Issue 4 Pages 99-119


Water drive development is the most widely used and mature oil field development technology. Water drive development includes water flooding (water injection) and water injection huff and puff. The main reasons for the broad application of water drive development include: (1) injected water can drive crude oil wells, (2) water can be injected into strata relatively easily to increase reservoir energy, and (3) water resources have lower investment and operation costs. The driving development of more and more oilfields in China has entered the middle and high water cut stage, and the proportion of low-grade reservoirs with low permeability and low abundance is getting higher and higher, which makes the development more difficult. How to improve the effectiveness of the water drive and improve the efficiency of water drive is the key problem to be solved in oilfield water drive development. At the same time, under the condition of complex injection-production relationships and frequent dynamic changes of the displacement field, it can effectively tap the potential of remaining oil and improve the development effect of water drive, which puts forward higher requirements for water drive development technology. This paper summarizes the present situation of water-drive development technology in Chinese oilfields and puts forward some suggestions for the future development trend.

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