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Present situation and development trend of oil production technology in unstable waterflooding
Kai Yin
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2023 Volume 3 Issue 1 Pages 17-31


Oilfield water drives through the injection of water into the reservoir, using water to drive out the crude oil in the reservoir. Unstable waterflooding is a method of water-drive development. Unstable waterflooding is one of the important means to improve oil recovery when continuous waterflooding is difficult to establish an effective displacement effect of the oil layer. At present, more and more oilfields have entered the middle and high water cut stage, and the proportion of reservoirs with low permeability and low abundance is getting higher and higher, which makes oilfield development more difficult. The research on the development mechanism of oil field water drives, including unstable waterflooding, is one of the research focuses of oil field water flooding development. This paper reviews the present situation of oil recovery technology for unstable waterflooding in recent years, including laboratory experiments and field applications. Furthermore, combined with the latest research progress in recent years, the development trend of unstable waterflooding technology is discussed. The purpose of this paper is to deepen the understanding of the oilfield waterflooding development system and enrich the understanding of the mechanism of unstable waterflooding to promote the effective development of oil resources.

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