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Study on Art a Appreciation Education by Nishida Hideo
With a Focus on "Japanese Art and Children's Art"
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2017 Volume 2017 Issue 301 Pages 40-48


The purpose of this research is to investigate the art appreciation education implemented in primary schools during the war, based on 'Practical Art Appreciation' described in "Japanese Art and Pictures Drawn by Children" authored by Hideo Nishida and published in 1944 during World War II.
This research was analyzed in detail and the practical art appreciation implemented by Nishida described in the 3rd Charter 'Japanese Art and in the Eyes of Children's of "Japanese Art and Pictures Drawn by Children," where various interactive art appreciation activities implemented by Nishida was recorded. In this description, children appreciated fine arts through a childish and simple way of looking at things just the same as the children of the modern age and yet at the same time, they expressed their remarks while showing influence by the education received during the war time. However, in the pictures drawn by them after education in appreciating fine arts, the expressions that they used to confront objects in a serious manner were found, and little influence of the war was felt in their impressions. From this fact, it was clarified that, in children's art appreciation activities, some viewpoints were intrinsic and some were formed by the education at the time.

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