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Three New Spiders (Argiope, Boethus and Cispius) from Japan
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1967 Volume 20 Issue 2 Pages 50-64


Holotype (male): Yakushima Isl. 1-VIII-1961, Coll. T. Irie.
Head narrower than thorax (38:72), longer than wide. Cervical grooves clear, but radial furrow indistinct. Median furrow depressed triangularly, Capapce flat, raised behind the head. Eye area occupying the entire breadth of head. Anterior eye row slightly procurved and posterior strongly procurved. MOA longer than broad, slightly narrower behind. Lateral eyes on tubercles, nearly contiguous. ALE smaller than PLE. AME larger than PME. PME equal to PLE. AME separated from each other by more than the diameter, from ALE by more than twice the diameter. PME also separated by more than the diameter, from ALE by more than three times the diameter. Both margins of fang furrow with three teeth each, between both margins with many scattered denticles. Maxillae square, with scopulae, as long as wide. Labium free, broader than long, of low triangle in shape. Sternum concaved in front, embracing the base of labium, with 5 radial keels of which posterior three high. Legs slender, with spines. The length of metatarsus plus tarsus longer than tibia plus patella. Leg formula 1234. Abdomen long, parallel sided, rounded in front, overlapping the hind part of thorax, slightly protruded beyond the spinnerets posteriorly. Epigastric plates with many transverse furrows. Epigynum as shown in fig. 1 (7).

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