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Heteropodinae: Transfers and Synonymies (Arachnida: Araneae: Sparassidae)
Peter Jäger
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2002 Volume 51 Issue 1 Pages 33-61


New taxonomical and systematical results concerning the subfamily Heteropodinae are presented. The following new synyonyms are recognized: Adrastis Simon 1880, Panaretus Simon 1880, Parhedrus Simon 1887 are junior synyonyms of Heteropoda Latreille 1804. Adrastis atomaria Simon 1880 =Heteropoda boiei (Doleschall 1859); Parhedrus fasciatus Reimoser 1927=Heteropoda ocyalina (Simon 1887); Heteropoda holzi Strand 1907, Tortula gloriosa Simon 1880, Tortula simoni Karsch 1884, Holconia beccarii Thorell 1890, Isopeda beccarii malangana Strand 1907=Heteropoda lunula (Doleschall 1857); Olios freycineti Walckenaer 1837, Olios albifrons Lucas 1852, Helicopis maderiana Thorell 1875, Palystes ledleyi Hogg 1922, Heteropoda venatoria pluridentata Hogg 1914=Heteropoda venatoria (Linnaeus 1767); Spariolenus petricola Gravely 1931=Spariolenus tigris Simon 1880. The following taxa are transferred from Heteropoda (Torania) to Barylestis: B. fagei (Lessert 1929), B. montandoni (Lessert 1929), B. occidentalis (Simon 1887), B. scutatus (Pocock 1903) and B. variatus (Pocock 1899). The following taxa are transferred from Adrastis to Heteropoda: H. lashbrooki (Hogg 1922), H. murina (Pocock 1897), H. planiceps (Pocock 1897) and H. spinipes (Pocock 1897). The following taxa are transferred from Panaretus to Heteropoda: H. borneensis (Thorell 1890), H. chelata (Strand 1911), H. chelata vittichelis (Strand 1911), H. ignichelis (Simon 1880), H. javana (Simon 1880) and H. nirounensis (Simon 1903). The following species is transferred from Parhedrus to Heteropoda: H. ocyalina (Simon 1887). The following taxa are transferred from Torania to Heteropoda: H. armillata (Thorell 1887) and H. striatipes (Leardi 1901). Heteropoda lunula (Doleschall 1857) is removed from the synonymy of Heteropoda thoracica (C.L. Koch 1845). Heteropoda strandi new name is proposed (Heteropoda panaretiformis preoccupied by Strand 1906). The following species formerly attributed as subspecies to Heteropoda venatoria are elevated to species rank: H. bonthainensis Merian 1911, H. flavocephala Merian 1911, H. luwuensis Merian 1911, H. minahassae Merian 1911, H. montana Merian 1911 and H. striata Merian 1911. The genus Hoedillus Simon 1898 with its type species Hoedillus sexpunctatus Simon 1898 is transferred to the Zoridae. The following species is transferred from Adrastis to Pandercetes: P. nigrogularis (Simon 1897). The following taxa are transferred from Heteropoda to Pseudopoda: P. akashi (Sethi & Tikader 1988) and P. lutea (Thorell 1895). The following species is transferred from Heteropoda to Spariolenus: S. minusculus (Reimoser 1934). Lectotypes and paralectotypes of the following species are designated for reasons of stability: Heteropoda borneensis (Thorell 1890), Olios freycineti Walckenaer 1837, Palystes ledleyi Hogg 1922 and Spariolenus minusculus (Reimoser 1934). The following species are recorded for the particular countries for the first time: Barylestis occidentalis (Simon 1887) for Sudan, B. montandoni (Lessert 1929) for Uganda, B. fagei (Lessert 1929) for Ruanda, Heteropoda javana (Simon 1880) for Sumatra, H. boiei (Doleschall 1859) for Malaysia and H. lunula (Doleschall 1857) for Borneo. If available, genitalia and important somatical characters of involved species are illustrated.

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