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Linguopalatal contact contrasts in the production of Japanese consonants: Electropalatographic data from five speakers
Alexei Kochetov
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2018 Volume 39 Issue 2 Pages 84-91


This study employed electropalatography (EPG) to explore place and manner of articulation differences in Japanese consonants. Linguopalatal contact data were collected from 5 native speakers using custom-made artificial palates. The materials included words with 10 word-initial consonants and a word-final moraic nasal. Quantitative analyses of the data revealed some consistent differences among consonants in constriction location and constriction degree, even within the same-place classes. Certain differences among dorsal consonants, as well as among consonants with no active lingual constriction were also observed. The results for Japanese coronal consonants were further compared to previous quantitative findings for English and Spanish with the goal to establish common manner-specific patterns of linguopalatal contact across languages.

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