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Developing Film-based Course Materials for Low-proficiency Learners: A Pilot Study Based on the Film Patch Adams
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2016 Volume 21 Pages 3-


This study aims to develop film-based course materials for lower-level Japanese EFL learners in medical-related disciplines. The use of a film that closely relates to learners’ majors has the potential to motivate them further in their studies of both language and their chosen field. In addition, it may assist with meeting the needs of teachers, who have to tackle complex medical issues in English classes as part of interprofessional education. Thus, this study examined various medical-themed films, and course materials were developed based on one such film, Patch Adams. The premise of the film is a medical student casting doubt on the medical system and treating patients with humor. Considering the low English proficiency level of the target learners, an accompanying course management system was also created using Moodle to facilitate their learning and provide various types of hints for the exercises. An experiment was conducted to verify the effectiveness of the materials; the results revealed that the use of a medical-themed film was effective in improving the listening abilities of lower-level learners as well as in motivating them. The design structure of the material and the implications of the findings are also described in the study.

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