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How can we learn the request speech act?: Reference to Cars 2
Hye Jeong KIM
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2017 Volume 22 Pages 31-


This study aims to analyze the request speech act in the Disney Pixar animation Cars 2 and suggests some classroom activities for learning the request strategies. It is necessary for English as a Foreign Language (EFL) students to learn pragmatic knowledge to improve their communicative competence. In a specific situation, learners have to take note of the topic, social distance, and social position between participants; think of an appropriate response; and understand the intended meaning of a speaker’s utterance. To emphasize pragmatic competence, this study focuses on the request speech act and introduces four request strategies: query preparatory, obligation statement, mode derivable, and strong hint. This study analyzes Cars 2 and explains four strategies in a given context and their function in a conversation. Teachers should teach explicitly and explain in detail any request strategies in the classroom. In the process of recognizing the request speech act, learners need to internalize some request expressions; therefore, this study suggests three classroom activities: role play, voice recording, and shooting short video clips. To promote the understanding of the request strategies and internalize them more effectively, teachers should first recognize the necessity of learning pragmatic knowledge, understand diverse speech acts and their functions in a conversation, and develop interesting classroom activities using movies, drama, and animation as learning materials.

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