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Selection from Japanese Journal of Vascular Surgery 2021
Procedure and Aortic Remodeling Effects of Entry Closure with Stentgraft for Type B Aortic Dissection: Comparison between the Patients with Narrow True Lumen and Those with Aneurysmal Dilated False Lumen
Atsushi Aoki Kazuto MarutaTomoaki MasudaTadashi Omoto
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2022 Volume 15 Issue 3 Pages 175-185


Objectives: Appropriateness of device selection, procedure protocol and aortic remodeling effects of entry closure (TEVAR) with stent-graft (SG) for patent false lumen type B aortic dissection (TBAD) were compared between the patients with narrow true lumen (narrow group) and those with aneurysmal dilated false lumen (aneurysmal group).

Methods: Twenty-six patients with narrow true lumen (narrow group) and 20 patients with aneurysmal false lumen (aneurysmal group) were included in this study. In narrow group, straight SG was implanted from Zone 3 regardless the distance between the left subclavian artery and entry. In aneurysmal group, straight or taped SG was implanted with proximal landing zone length 20 mm or more. Thoracic aortic anatomy was evaluated by CT and aortic remodeling was defined as true lumen diameter ≥50% of the aortic diameter and occlusion of false lumen. Aorta related death, retrograde type A aortic dissection (RTAD), stentgraft induced new entry (SINE) and aortic maximum diameter enlargement 5 mm or more (aortic expansion) were included in the aortic event.

Results: There was no procedure related complication in narrow group and 1 patient died due to aortic rupture in aneurysmal group, Type Ia endoleak by enhanced CT 7 days after TEVAR was detected in one patient in each group. Achievement of aortic remodeling was significantly better in narrow group. Aortic event occurred in only one patient in narrow group, in whom aortic expansion was observed. In aneurysmal group, aortic event occurred 12 patients (60%) and 2 RTAD, 5 SINE, and 8 aorta expansion were observed. Aortic event free rate was significantly better in narrow group.

Conclusion: TEVAR procedure for the TBAD patients with narrow true lumen seemed to be appropriate, however, different TEVAR procedure or additional procedures would be required for those with aneurysmal dilated false lumen to obtain favorable outcomes. (This is secondary publication from Jpn J Vasc Surg 2021; 30: 347–357.)

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