Annals of Vascular Diseases
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Series: Lymphology from the Journal of Japanese College of Angiology
Recent Advance in Lymph Dynamic Analysis in Lymphatics and Lymph Nodes
Fumitaka IkomiYoshiko KawaiToshio Ohhashi
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2012 Volume 5 Issue 3 Pages 258-268


Lymphatics are a unidirectional transport system that carries fluid from the interstitial space and back into the blood stream. Initial lymphatics take up not only fluid but also high-molecular-weight substances, such as plasma proteins and hyaluronan; immune cells, such as lymphocytes, macrophages, and dendritic cells; and colloidal particles, such as carbon particles, bacteria, and tattoo dye. Interstitially injected colloidal particles are known to accumulate in the regional lymph nodes. This phenomenon is applied to find sentinel lymph nodes in cancer patients. Lymph flow rate and composition are influenced by interstitial fluid, lymphatic pump activity, and intra-lymphatic pressure. Lymph composition is changed during its flow downstream. In this review, the main focus is on the mechanisms of lymph formation at the initial lymphatics and lymph transport through the collecting lymphatics and lymph nodes. (*English Translation of J Jpn Coll Angiol, 2008, 48: 113-123.)

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