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Studies on Rat Liver Catalase
IV. Heterogeneity of Mitochondrial and Supernatant Catalase
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1965 Volume 58 Issue 6 Pages 530-537


1. Rat liver mitochondrial fraction pre-pared with 10 per cent polyvinylpyrrolidone-8.5 per cent sucrose have been found to contain four catalases different in chromatographic behavior. Those catalases have purified and compared with each other.
2. Two out of the four catalases left the mitochondrial fraction to appear in the supernatant when sucrose alone was used as homogenizing medium.
3. The catalase appearing in the superna-tant fraction also showed a heterogeneous pattern on DEAE-cellulose chromatogram.
4. The heterogeneity of rat liver catalase
has been discussed in relation to the localiza-tion inside the cell and the metabolic sequence of this enzyme protein.
The authors wish to express their gratitude to Prof. N. Shimazono of the Department of Biochemi-stry, Faculty of Medicine, University of Tokyo, and Prof. H. Hirai of the Department of Biochemistry, School of Medicine, Hokkaido University, for their continuous encouragements during the course of this work. Their thanks are also due to Dr. T. Peters, JR., of the Mary Imogene Bassett Hospital, Cooper-stown, New York, for his valuable discussions and help in preparing the manuscript.

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