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Dynamic Structure-Conversion Programming of Metal Complexes in Response to External Stimuli: Chiral Sensing and Achiral Sensing
Hiroyuki Miyake
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2018 Volume 72 Pages 38-47


Labile metal complexes have a dynamic coordination bond which is generally weaker than a common covalent bond found in organic molecules but more useful for incorporation of external donor molecules reversibly and dynamically. Since such labile metal complexes can rapidly construct and/or change specific chiral molecular structures, dynamic conversion of chiral molecular shapes can be applicable to sensing chiral and achiral external stimuli. This review provides recent examples of labile metal complexes for sensing of chiral and achiral molecules, some of which offer dynamic conversion of chiral structures by rapid ligand exchange phenomena in response to not only one specific external stimulus but also a unique combination of some external stimuli. This kind of dynamic responsiveness in labile metal complexes would be applicable to sophisticated nanoscience and related technology including dynamic structure and/or function switching of natural and/or artificial molecules.

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