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酒田 陽子
ジャーナル フリー

2021 年 77 巻 p. 26-36


Supramolecular chemistry is the study of the entities based on the noncovalent interactions that play an essential role in controlling of biomolecular functions. In biological system, natural non-equilibrium system often depends on kinetically controlled pathway in addition to thermodynamically controlled mechanisms. In artificial supramolecular system, the recent advances have allowed numerous studies of molecular recognition behaviors and self-assembly processes. While they are generally thermodynamically controlled events, kinetic control of such processes is essential for the development of new supramolecular functional systems. Here we constructed kinetically controlled new supramolecular complexes based coordination chemistry. The guest uptake/release of host-guest system can be precisely controlled by the introduction of replaceable caps into the apertures of the macrocyclic metallohost. The kinetic study also unveiled the mechanism of host-gust binding where the metallohost uptakes the guest cation accompanied by the host reaction. By using a rigid bent ligand in which chelate coordination sites are introduced, we achieved the selective formation of kinetically-stable pentanuclear metallonanobelt by template-directed self-assembly.

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