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Post-Synthetic Coordination Modification of Robust Pillared-Rod Metal-Azolate Frameworks for Diversified Applications
Pei-Qin LiaoXiao-Ming Chen
ジャーナル フリー

2021 年 77 巻 p. 3-10


Post-synthetic coordination modification has proven to be a general and powerful approach for the functionalization of porous coordination polymers or metal-organic frameworks (MOFs). Metal-azolate frameworks (MAFs) are an important subclass of MOFs. In this account, the progress in the coordination post-synthetic modifications of an exceptionally robust pillared-rod MAF, featuring mixed μ-chloride and μ3-triazolate bridges as the rods and linear bistriazolates as the pillars, and its structural analogues with different transition metal ions and/or expanded organic bridging ligands are summarized and discussed. Through removal of the terminal coordinated solvent molecules, redox of the metal ions, and exchange of the anionic inorganic bridging ligands in the rods, significantly enhanced performances can be realized in carbon dioxide capture, photocatalytic carbon dioxide reduction, photocatalytic hydrogen generation, electrolytic water oxidation and oxidation of ethylbenzene.

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