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Taxonomic and Zoogeographic Study of the Japanese Phygadeuontinae (Hymenoptera, Ichneumonidae), with Descriptions of 17 New Species
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2021 Volume 2021 Issue 50 Pages 55-136


Phygadeuontinae (Hymenoptera, Ichneumonidae) is one of the poorly studied subfamilies in Japan. In this study, I study 28 genera and 61 species of Japanese Phygadeuontinae taxonomically and zoogeographycally. Seven genera, Diaglyptidea Viereck, 1913, Micraris Townes, 1970, Surculus Townes, 1970, Bentyra Cameron, 1905, Isadelphus Förster, 1869, Megacara Townes, 1970, and Tropistes Gravenhorst, 1829, are newly recorded from Japan. Micraris and Surculus are also newly recorded from the Palearctic region. The following 17 new species are described: Acrolyta japonica sp. nov.; Micraris ryukyuensis sp. nov.; Surculus japonicus sp. nov.; Bentyra ryukyuana sp. nov.; Paraphylax elegans sp. nov.; Pa. politus sp. nov.; Pa. transstriatus sp. nov.; Pa. yakushimensis sp. nov.; Pa. yambarensis sp. nov.; Hemiteles japonicus sp. nov.; H. kuro sp. nov.; H. maculipterus sp. nov.; H. yamatonis sp. nov.; Isadelphus nigrus sp. nov.; Lochetica japonica sp. nov.; Tropistes shimizui sp. nov.; Uchidella toichii sp. nov. The following nine species are newly recorded from Japan: Acr. flavicoxis Sheng & Sun, 2014; Acr. rufocincta (Gravenhorst, 1829); Diaglyptidea conformis (Gmelin, 1790); Bathythrix margaretae Sawoniewicz, 1980; Ba. thomsoni (Kerrich, 1942); Dichrogaster nitida Sheng & Sun, 2014; Megacara similis Sheng, 1999; Orthizema semanotae Sheng & Sun, 2014; Mesoleptus laevigatus (Gravenhorst, 1829). Bathythrix narangae Uchida, 1930 is newly synonymized under Ba. kuwanae Viereck, 1912 (syn. nov.). Ethelurgus politus Townes, 1983 is newly synonymized under E. episyrphicola Kusigemati, 1983 (syn. nov.). Ethelurgus sodalis fuscipes Townes, 1983 is newly synonymized under E. kumatai Kusigemati, 1983 (syn. nov.). Furthermore, the taxonomic status of E. kumatai changed as a subspecies of E. sodalis (Taschenberg, 1865) (comb. nov.). Some new distribution records and a key to species of the 11 genera are also provided.

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