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Analysis of research content on the feelings of cancer patients who received peer support
Akiko MatsunumaTamae Futawatari
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Keywords: peer support, thought

2020 Volume 31 Pages 99-107


[Purpose] clarify the thought of patients with cancer which caught the peer support to clarify a problem necessary to promote peer support. [Method] I searched a peer group, peer support, feelings, sympathy patient psychology, the talk in a keyword for a tumor and, using a medical central magazine Web version from 1985 through 2018 (Ver5), intended for 15 cases along the study purpose. I calculated a description statistic about the number of the theses, the study method. As for the contents of the thought, qualitative; analyzed it inductively. [Result] As a result of having classified a record unit 63 unit, cord 36, the meaning contents of each cord based on similarity, [healing to get from the daily life with the peer], [tangle to hold in a peer] were extracted from 15 articles that came to apply 14 subcategories, seven categories [a cancer to get from a peer and power to live], [relief to be provided by being able to talk], [relief not to be only oneself], [after the treatment I can image it a sense of relief to the future], [new thought to live with a cancer]. [Consideration] It thinks to support to be able to notice the change of the way of thinking own as the first step that lives with a cancer while patients with cancer meet a peer by [new thought to live with a cancer], [healing to get from the daily life with the peer] and feel continued daily life that necessary. In addition, by [tangle to hold in a peer], effective support and the intervention that it is think about the medical person for a cancer patient by grasping influence after selection of peer support and the participation that matched a purpose that necessary.

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