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A New Cultivar ‘Sakimidori’ for Green Tea
Tsuruyoshi FURUNOHiroshi YOSHIDOMERyuichi MASOKunihiko SATOSadaichi UENOImao HIRAKAWATugio ABE
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1999 Volume 1999 Issue 87 Pages 67-76


A new cultivar‘Sakimidori’for green tea developed from a seedling derived from the cross of‘F1 NN27’בME52’at the Miyazaki Agricultural Experiment Station in 1979.
A Clone was selected by individual selection in 1984. It was subsequently evaluated under the designation of ‘Miyazaki No.15’for local adaptability at the fifteen tea experiment stations and for Bark splitting injury and Blister blight at two other experimental station from 1988 to 1996.
'Sakimidori'has been registered under the name of 'Norin No.47 tea' by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fishueries and released in 1996.
The characteristics of this new cultivar are as follows;
1) The shape of the plant is intermediate type and the growth is fairly vigorous.
The mature leaf is elliptic, slightly large size and light green in color. The immature leaf is bright fresh green color.
2) An slightly early budding cultivar, both the flushing and the plucking times of the 1st crop occured earlier by two to three days than in 'Yabukita'.
3) The annual green leef yield is higher than that of 'Yabukita'. The plucked new shoots is bud weight type.
4) Fairly resistant to cold in midwinter and to bark splitting injury in earlywinter.
It is middle susceptible to tea anthrancnose (Colletotrichum theae-sinensis) and tea blister blight (Exobasidium vexans). And it is slightly susceptible to tea gray blight (Pestalotiopsis longiseta).
5) Quality of the processed tea is very good because the color of made tea is bright green, aroma is fresh and taste is very mild.
Each content of nitrogen, aminoacid in the processed tea of this cultivar is higher, and the catechin content is lower than those of 'Yabukita'.

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