Circulation Reports
Online ISSN : 2434-0790
Current Medical and Social Issues for Hospitalized Heart Failure Patients in Japan and Factors for Improving Their Outcomes ― Insights From the REAL-HF Registry ―
Toshiro KitagawaTakayuki HidakaMakiko NakaSusumu NakayamaKanako YugeMitsuaki IsobeYasuki Kiharafor the REAL-HF Investigators
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論文ID: CR-20-0011


Background:We investigated the current medical and social conditions and outcomes of heart failure (HF) patients in Hiroshima Prefecture, a local district in Japan.

Methods and Results:From March 2017 to February 2018 we enrolled all adult patients with hospitalized HF in 8 regional core hospitals that provided an interprofessional team approach for HF patients. We collected patients’ clinical characteristics and information regarding living circumstances, cognitive function, quality of life, and interprofessional team approach. For patients discharged home, we followed up the primary endpoint (all-cause death and all-cause unscheduled readmission), conditions of outpatient cardiac rehabilitation, and home nursing-care services over a 1-year period after discharge. Of the registered patients (n=1,218), 39.2% were super-elderly (≥85 years old); more than half of these patients had preserved ejection fraction (≥50%). In the follow-up cohort (n=632), 140 patients (22.2%) were readmitted with HF exacerbation as the primary endpoint, and almost half (n=295, 46.7%) experienced any primary endpoint. The multivariate analysis adjusted for medical and social factors showed that completion of outpatient cardiac rehabilitation (5-month program) remained a strong negative predictor of the primary endpoint (hazard ratio: 0.15; 95% confidence interval: 0.05–0.48; P=0.0013).

Conclusions:Our cohort study highlighted the super-aging of current HF patients in Japan. Cardiac rehabilitation through continuous team approach appears to be associated with favorable overall outcomes in this population.


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